About Me

I'm an American freelance Motion Graphic Artist, Photographer and Creative Director based in Santa Cruz, CA. I have been creating digital art for over fifteen years, and have produced professionally in both a private and studio based capacity for the last twelve.

Who am I

Jacob Agnone

Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics Artist, Web Designer

I can bring a small team with big ideas

Throughout my years of experience I have collaborated with some of the best freelancers and vendors in the industry. If your needs are more inline with Creative Direction I can bring an award winning team to the table having resources and access to the best talent around.

I’m forever striving to always take my graphic design to the next level. I bring still graphics to life with visual effects, animation, and cinematic techniques to make my client’s products interesting and engaging. My goal? Communicating a message or evoking an emotional response from my audience. My duties as a Motion Graphics Artist include creating new ideas for moving graphics, and executing those ideas in innovative ways by combining different audio, video, photography, animation, and illustration components. This might mean finding a cool way to present the credits at the

end of a show. This could also be creating a physics presentation that deals with bouncing balls. In this job, you interact with clients, other Artists and Designers, along with computers, so chances are also good that you will encounter the occasional technical difficulty. My work has appeared in music videos, film titles, television graphics, DVD menus, commercials, video games, rotating website logos, and interactive web pages. This is a fast-changing field, and I’m always learning about new technology and keeping up with the latest trends in graphic, video editing, animation softwares.

What clients say about myself

Infectious is a great word to describe Jacobs work ethic and passion for his job. He who utilizes the creative process effectively, is a true asset and team player that breeds confidence and leadership among any team.
Thomas Cardamone – Customer Success Operations Manager

Jacob Agnone is a great graphic designer and stand up individual. You can always count on him to produce high quality work and hit his deadlines.
Wade Jansen – Integrated Marketing & Global Brand Development

Speaking of my amazing clients…