Motion in After Effects with design of assets in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Client: Warmboard
Role: Motion Graphics / Film Editing / Creative Direction

Warmboard US


Warmboard was invented in 1992 by Architect and entrepreneur Terry Alsberg. It has since become one of the fastest growing and most popular radiant heating systems. Two things drive growth and popularity of Warmboard:

More comfortable radiant floor heating

Warmboard adjusts its radiant heat output to quickly match changing heat loads throughout the day and night. This gives you the exact feeling of warmth you desire from a radiant floor heat system. The goal of any radiant floor heating system is to ensure that the temperature that you feel in your home is exactly the temperature you desire, and to maintain this ideal comfort minute by minute, hour by hour. No other radiant heat system can match the precise control and fast response of a low mass Warmboard radiant heat system.

More energy efficient radiant floor heating

Warmboard is simply more conductive compared to all the other radiant heat systems. The job of a radiant heat system is to conduct heat from water in a tube to the surface of a radiant floor. This is why in radiant floor heating, conductivity is king. It is a simple law of physics that as conductivity goes up, water temperature goes down. It always saves money to heat water to a lower temperature, and therefore Warmboard is more energy efficient than all other radiant heat systems.

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